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Draft Beer Line

Clear Hose - 1'
Price: $1.69
Sale Price: $1.29
Clear Hose - Coil
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $32.99
More Info
We have different lengths that you can order. We have a 1' length and a 50' length. Of course, you can get any length you want. But, there is a reason we have it this way.

If you have a need for a whole bunch of lines, then get the 50' length or even order it in a 100' length if you need that much line. You might be just completing your home bar and you need to run lines all over the place.

Let's say you have a four beer tower column and you are converting a refrigerator into a keg. A 50' length would do the job and you can simply cut the lengths that you need.

A 1' length is for ordering if you have a line that you need to replace. If you only need 4 foot of line, then you don't need to order 50' of line. Simply go to the 1' length and select a quantity of 4. It's that simple.

Remember that this line should not be used in lengths over 5'. If you need to run a length of line that is over 5', you'll need a completely different line because you'll need to have line that can withstand the pressure it takes to get beer to run through it smoothly. If that is your need, give us a call.

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