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Primary Single Gauge - Co2
Sale Price: $47.95
Double Gauge - CO2 Primary
Sale Price: $53.95
4 pressure CO2 Regulator
Sale Price: $197.95
Vinyl Gas Hose - By the Foot
Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.29
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Vinyl Gas Coil
Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $35.95
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The right regulator will keep the pressure in your lines perfect for a great pouring beer. In your home bar, you can have regulators under the bar to keep the kegs pumping beer at a consistent rate. If you have a kegerator that you converted from a refrigerator, a regulator will keep the beer flowing through the lines just right.

Of course, we have regulators that regulate the pressure for one keg. These are great for home bars and kegerator conversion jobs. But, we don't only have one keg regulators.

We have regulators that can handle two kegs at a time. We also have regulators that can handle four kegs. Mathematically, that's all you need.

Let's do the math:
- If you have three kegs, you can have a regulator that can handle two kegs and then another regulator that can handle one keg.
- Or, you can use the four keg regulator with only the use of three of the regulators.
- Anything above four, keep doing the same type of math. Add one regulator if you need it or add two if your home bar requires. But, I have never seen a home bar with more than four kegs...which definitely means that I have never seen a home bar with six kegs. So, our four regulators should be enough for any home bar project.

If you have three kegs right now, you can choose the first option listed above if you plan on stopping at three kegs. I personally would think about the four keg regulator just in case I plan on adding one more later.

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