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CO2 Purifier
CO2 Purifier
CO2 PurifierCO2 Purifier
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CO2 Purifier

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Skunk beer is often caused by the fact that there are foreign elements in it. It can also be caused by the fact that it sat too long and got old. Now, I don't know what beer enthusiast would let that happen. So, we're playing with the first option.

Well, Beertaps has a way to fight skunk beer. We can keep foreign elements from getting in your beer. These foreign elements are often called contaminates and you don't even want to know what all that can mean. So, let's just say that stuff gets in your beer and it makes it taste bad! Sounds as good as any other description.

What does a CO2 Purifier do?
Removes contaminants often found in CO2 gas.

Prevents off-tastes and aromas from spoiling draft beer.

CO2 cylinders may not have been properly cleaned before re-filling. By placing a CO2 purifier in the system, contaminates are removed to ensure optimum results.

For best results, install in an upright position and replace after 12 months of use.

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